Identity + Awareness Campaign

Olio is a free food sharing app that prevents food from going to waste by connecting people to their neighbors and local businesses; in order to share surplus food rather than throw it away.

Olio’s current identity is rather clinical and lacks personality. They need a brand that will engage and inform people that food waste is a big problem.




Style Guide
Typography + Color

Since Olio is an app, the typography needs to be legible at a range of different sizes. Using a single typeface with multiple weights will create a cohesive, and visually appealing identity.

Green is a very earthy color. It represents new beginnings, sharing and growth as well as renewal and abundance.


Olio’s website is dedicated to cooking up as much food waste awareness as possible. More awareness means more users. Big bold headlines with saucy statements and statistics. Also, lots of green.

Poster Campaign
3D + VR Posters

The goal of this campaign is to create food waste awareness via hand lettered posters that were created in 3D + virtual reality.