My name is Trey Holt and I am a 2D + 3D designer + artist. I was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in McKinney, Texas. I moved to Seattle, Washington after high-school to play junior hockey; Ogden, Utah to snowboard and play music; and then San Marcos, Texas to get my BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University. I am currently working as a  graphic design intern at Buck Design in Los Angeles, California.


I love 3D + animation + architecture + art + branding + drums + hockey + lettering + shoes + skateboarding + stairs + typography + UX/UI + VR + especially water. My dream is to create things that make the world look and work genuinely nice by smashing art and design together over and over again.


Here is my InstagramBehance + Dribbble + Twitter + Linkedin + Email. Feel free to call or text me at 214.843.7013.